Lit Motors electric enclosed motor cycle targets 2014 for $12000-16000 vehicle

I saw Lit Motors at Maker Faire yesterday. They have a mockup of what they intend to build, which is shown in the photo and they have their metal prototype.

They want to build a gyro stabilized enclosed electric motor cycle. It will have 220 miles of range on one charge and a maximum speed of 120 miles per hour and the big thing is a target price of $12000 to $16000.

They are a startup which has gotten to the prototype stage for $1 million and they need $7 million to get to limited production ready. They are based in San Francisco.

Even in a crash or at a stop light, the driver and passenger remain enclosed, upright and stable on the two wheels without any other support. The vehicle will weight about 800 pounds.

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1 thought on “Lit Motors electric enclosed motor cycle targets 2014 for $12000-16000 vehicle”

  1. This form factor has been around for a while. The reason it keeps coming back is because there is a necessary niche in something that has much less than a car width or even half a car width. The amount of atoms needed to move someone will be pared down until you've reached some optimal ratio, saving both materiel and weight in a virtuous circle.

    I think the biggest downside (aside from the snug fit and lack of an empty to throw your junk in) might be perceived safety and also all weather capability. For sure this is likely not do well in snowy climes, and potentially has the same weaknesses as motorcycles in the rain. Also, I wouldn't want to be t-boned in something like this unless there is a transverse titanium strut keeping me from becoming a pancake.

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