Reviewing nuclear reactors restarting and new nuclear reactors stating in 2012

We had listed the nuclear reactors that are expected to start or restart in 2012.

All 14 are on track for commercial operation in 2012.

14 Reactors in 2012
2012  India, NPCIL            Kaiga 4        PHWR        202 (operating)
2012  Iran, AEOI              Bushehr 1       PWR        950 (going up to full capacity starting May 23, 2012)
2012  Russia, Rosenergoatom   Kalinin 4       PWR        950 (commercial operation expected Sept, 2012)
2012  Korea, KHNP             Shin Kori 2     PWR       1000 (Jan)
2012  Korea, KHNP             Shin Wolsong 1  PWR       1000 (Jan)
2012  Canada, Bruce Pwr       Bruce A1        PHWR       769 (started generating power in April)
2012  Canada, Bruce Pwr       Bruce A2        PHWR       769 (on track for Sept)
2012  Canada, NB Power        Point Lepreau 1 PHWR       635 [fuel loaded]
2012  Argentina,              Atucha 2        PHWR       692 (Grid connect expected July 6, 2012, now in prestart)
2012  India, NPCIL            Kudankulam 1    PWR        950 end of May start expected
2012  India, NPCIL            Kudankulam 2    PWR        950 (IAEA expects July 31 grid connection)
2012  China, CNNC             Qinshan phase II-4 PWR     650 (operating)
2012  China, CGNPC            Hongyanhe 1     PWR       1080 (reaffirm 2012 start by Xu Yuming, the vice secretary general of the China Nuclear Energy Association for Hongyanhe 1 and  Ningde 1)
2012  China, CGNPC            Ningde 1        PWR       1080

NB Power has finished reloading fuel at the Point Lepreau nuclear generating station as part of the facility’s refurbishment.

Officials are calling the successful manual loading of 4,560 new fuel bundles a “milestone” and say they are on track to restart the reactor by the fall after three years of delays.

The next major return-to-service activity is a test of the primary heat transport (PHT) system to confirm the tightness and integrity of the components, according to officials.

Once confirmed, the next step will be to fill the PHT system with heavy water, which will flow through each fuel channel and pick up the heat released by the fission in the fuel.

Bruce A Unit 2 and Unit 1 restart

April 11, 2012
Unit 2
The Unit 2 reactor achieved criticality last night at 11:28 p.m. after being returned to a shutdown
state on April 5 for repairs to a filter vessel on the moderator system.
The unit has started into the heat-up sequence with critical path being Emergency Coolant
Injection and Shutdown System No. 2 test.
The heat-up phase will include additional testing of the heat transport system, which circulates
heavy water coolant through the reactor and steam generators. In parallel, feedwater systems will
be returned to service and heated up.
Unit 1
Bulkhead removal got underway in Unit 1 on April 8 to reconnect the Unit 1 reactor vault to the
station’s common containment system.
Installed at the beginning of the Restart Project, the bulkheads seal off floor openings on both
ends of the reactor. The openings provide access to the station’s central fueling duct for on-power
fueling machines during operation.

Kalanin 4 should be commercially operating in September, 2012

Engineers bringing a new reactor into service at the Kalinin nuclear power plant have successfully completed most of their tests. The unit is slated for commercial operation in September.

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