Rossi Energy Catalyzer, Defkalion and other LENR Updates

Ecat World reports that the most recent issue of the American Chemical Society’s Chemical and Engineering News magazine includes an article entitled, “Reviving Cold Fusion.” written by Steven K. Ritter. The brief summary reads, “After 20-plus years of outcast status, unconventional heat-producing nuclear reactions still seem plausible”.

The article is really a review of the history and current state of LENR, much of its content is what people following recent developments in LENR research already know. Ritter contacted a number of people involved in the field, including Dennis Bushnell of NASA, Robert Duncan of the University of Missouri, Steven B. Krivit of New Energy Times, and Andrea Rossi. Quite a bit of the article is devoted to describing Rossi’s E-Cat, and emphasizes that as yet it is unproven.

Bushnell maintains that, “From more than two decades of experiments producing heat and transmutations, ‘something’ is real and happening.”

Krivit says of the E-Cat, ““Rossi has no credible evidence for his extraordinary claims, I have stopped paying attention to him.”

Duncan states, ” “I don’t need to have an opinion about the E-Cat. Nobody does. Rossi is claiming to be going commercial with it. If he does deliver to the marketplace, then the marketplace will decide the efficacy of the technology.

PESN has an update on the LENR to Market for May 17. has the main Rossi ecat update

ECAT Licensees to be revealed October, 2012

Leonardo Corp have a number of Licensees for its products for various regions around the world including its northern Europe Licensee Hydro Fusion Ltd, which also attended the E-Cat 1MW October test. All E-Cat Licensees have attended demos of operating E-Cat units.

A convention will be held for all E-Cat Licensees and is set for October. An official list of all licensees will then be published online at

ECAT 1 MW Updates

One ECAT 1 MW plant has been delivered and is working in a military facility. Andrea Rossi recently made the following statement:

“The 1 MW plant has been delivered and is working in a military concern. It has been made in the USA, after the October test of the prototype made in Italy; such prototype will be delivered, with the modifications which we will complete based on what we learnt from the model at work, to a European Customer in July. ”

The ECAT 1 MW plant in USA is now stable at very high temperatures.
The industrial plants will get the necessary certification within weeks.
The price for an E-Cat 1 MW plant is still $1.5M; orders can be made from the inquiry form on the right side at this website.

Home ECAT-units will not be available until 2012-2013 due to rigid testing, certification and regulation procedures.

Rossi has stated that the ecat (Energy Catalyzer) works at 600 degrees celsius which is a high enough temperature to power generation of electricity

These temperatures allows for a vast number of electricity solutions at 40%+ gross heat-to-power efficiencies and 25%+ net efficiencies taking into account the power used by the process. The design allows for merely any heat transferring media including water/steam, heat-transferring-oils, molten salts but also hot air.

The high temperature E-Cat reactor currently in test also opens up for applications with Stirling Engines. The new reactor is smaller in size and has a charge of 1.5 grams and more shielding than the original reactor.

Defkalion testing Rumors from PESN

A group Defkalion is working with wants them to postpone posting data from their tests until August when there is a big conference where they will be making a presentation. The scuttlebutt is that while the third party test results have been positive, there have been indications of instability and inconsistency between tests, which doesn’t speak well for production readiness. They’re still on track as a leader, but not in first position any more. In my opinion, the long delay in posting those test results which were supposed to be forthcoming even as early as during the testing, contrary to their promised early release, is a significant setback

Brillouin Update

Chunking along; getting close to point where we can get working at SRI, probably middle next month. Money starting to come in. Started design work on next-generation boiler and dry gas system. — (from brief phone call with Robert Godes, CEO) with PESN

George Miley’s Lenuco to Present at TechConnect Showcase

A report from Ecat World

George Miley’s Lenuco will present at TechConnect Showcase. TechConnect, an organization which aims to connect innovative technology companies with investors and funders, will be holding its TechnConnect World Summit and Innovation Showcase in Santa Clara, California from June 18-21.

From the TechConnect 2012 program

The discovery of practical applications of low energy nuclear reactions has created much activity and interest worldwide. Our approach using hydrogen loaded nanoparticles to produce heat that is converted to electrical output offers many advantages over others. Lenuco was founded to commercialize this technology and has a 2 pronged business model. One prong is to develop the technology for use by NASA to replace pu-238 radioactive power sources in future space probes. The second prong is to provide small to medium range distributed power source for home and industrial use. Both uses capitalize on the high power density and low maintenance, radiation free, long lifetime characteristics of LENR power cells.

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