Samsung Galaxy S III vs Apple iPhone 4S vs HTC One X vs Nokia Lumia 900

Samsung’s Galaxy S III smartphone will compete in the U.S. with the Apple iPhone, HTC One X, and Nokia Lumia 900. How does it stack up?

Samsung Galaxy S3, Apple iPhone, HTC One X

Phone    Samsung        HTC One X      Apple iPhone 4S  Nokia Lumia 900  
         Galaxy S3

Price    16GB $??       32GB $199      16GB $199        $99.9
         32GB $??                      32GB $299
         64GB $??                      64GB $399

OS       Android 4.0    Android 4.0    iOS 5.0          Windows Phone 7.5 

Data     LTE,           HSDPA 850/900/ hSPA+            GSM 850/900/
         HSPA+              1900/2100                   1800/1900
                                                        WCDMA 850/1900
         Wi-Fi          GSM 850/900/                    LTE
         GLONASS        HSDPA 21 Mbps
         Bluetooth 4.0  HSUPA 5.76 Mbps
         NFC            Wi-Fi
                        Bluetooth 4.0

Network  ATT?            ATT             Verizon          ATT
         Verizon?        Sprint (June?)  ATT
         T-Mobile?                       Sprint
         Metro PCS? 
         US Cellular?

Screen   4.8 inch        4.7 inch       3.5 inch         4.3 inch
         HD Super AMOLED Super IPS LCD2
         1280 X 720      1280X720       960X640          800X480

Rear         8 MP        8 MP           8 MP             8 MP
Camera       1080p/720p  1280X720(20fs) 800X480 vid      720p  

Front        2 MP        1.3 MP, 720p   VGA             1 MP

Micro SD      up to 64GB  16GB           no             up to 32GB
Weight        4.7 ounces  4.6 ounces     4.9 ounces      5.6 ounces

Processors    Quadcore    Nvidia Tegra 3 dual-core 
              1.4Ghz      dualcore       A5 processor    1.4 Ghz
                          1.5 Ghz        1Ghz

TV Out        DLNA + MHL  DNLA + MHL

Other         S Voice     Google      SIRI

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