Highlights from the WWDC 2012 keynote

9to5mac is live blogging the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference Keynote

Expectations are that the company will unveil updated Macs, debut iOS6, show off some new features of Mac OSX Mountain Lion, unveil new mapping software and announce some upgrades to iCloud.

There will be an all new laptop… The Next-Generation MacBook Pro. Breakthrough in display engineering. RETINA DISPLAY. 2880 x 1800. Highest resolution notebook display ever. Glossy… but improved. Ships with a Retina ready version of OS X Lion.

New Version of Aperture for Retina Dispay MacBook Pro. Final Cut Pro X also being updated. Retina versions of Adobe Photoshop, Diablo 3, Auto Desk coming soon. Apple is working with key developers.

Several battery packs and optimzations to get battery working well with powerful Retina Display. Up to 16GB of RAM. 768GB SSD. Two thunderbolt ports, HDMI. FaceTime HD, dual-microphones, new stereo speakers. USB 3.0. 4.46 pounds.

New MacBook Pros. New options: Ivy Bridge, 2.7GHZ quad core, 8GB RAM, 60% faster graphics. Kempler graphics from NVIDIA on the 15 inch. USB 3.0 as well. These are the spec-bumped MacBook Pro models. 4/8GB of RAM options. 1199 and 1499 for 13s, 15s 1799 and 2199. New MacBook Pros shipping today well.

-Retina MacBook shipping today.

-Craig Federighi out to discuss OS X Mountain Lion

Next: Apple is bringing Dictation to the Mac.

-Now there is sharing. Share buttons to access the share sheet.

-New version of Safari: fastest browser, improved URL selection, unified search/URL bar. He is also discussing iCloud Tabs. Brand-new Tab View. Gesture swiping between tabs… just like iOS.

Scott introducing iOS 6 now

Tentpole 1: Siri — Signifiant enhancements in iOS 6. Sports scores. Integrates via Yahoo Sports. Asking about individual players across different sports leagues.

Siri also gets improved restaurant integration. OpenTable integration (they’ve partnered). Reservations, average menu prices. Movie-related questions. “What movies are playing at” a local theater. Watch trailers within Siri. Siri can now launch apps. “Play Temple Run.” and it immediately opens.

Tweeting and a new feature called “Eyes Free.” Apple is working with car manufacturers to build in Siri buttons into their steering wheels. BMW, Honda, Mercedes, Toyota, more have committed to add these buttons within the next 12 months. Apple is also adding English/French (Canada, eh), Spanish (Spain, Mexico, U.S.), Italian, Switzerland, Korean, Mandrain, Cantonese. Local search is now international. iPad support as well! Just like our mockup!

Facebook integration announced. System wide, tweet about Apps from the App Store. Redesigned iTunes and App Stores.

NEW MAPS.. 3D mode, this works world wide. Traffic service. Traffic view that shows where slow traffic and incidents are. Crowd sourced. Amazing turn by turn directions. Live re-routing depending on traffic. Works from the lock screen as well… like if you are plugged into your car. Full Siri Integration.

Scott is demoing 3D (iPad + iPhone). They did fly overs to get the imagery. Vector based Maps. Very smooth, very beautiful. Yelp integration. Sydney Operah house. That is Flyover.

Turn by Turn: Simulator Coit tower – quick routes, 3 options – route 2. Siri does Turn by turn voice.

Send phone number to find my iPhone

Also Chinese updates that were in Mountain Lion.

iOS Beta 6 is out today for Devs. Hits iPhone 3GS and above, iPad 2,3, newest iPod touch.

Tim Cook out recapping “Only Apple”. Ultimately people who do the best work of their lives to affect people around the world.

“Change the world”

And that’s it.

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