LG Shows 5 inch High Definition Smartphone Display with 440 pixels per inch

EETimes – LG Display has introduced a 5 in. full high definition LCD panel for smartphones, which the company claims provides the same quality as on TVs and monitors.

LG Display’s panel is based on the company’s AH-IPS (Advanced High Performance In-Plane Switching) technology that enables 440ppi (pixels per inch) and 1920×1080 resolution for full HDTV quality on a smartphone.

The panel has a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio and is 0.5 inches larger, 2.2 times denser in pixels, and 1.3 times more advanced in ppi than the preceding 4.5 in. panel at 329ppi and 1280×720.

The 5″ Full HD LCD panel from LG Display is expected to be released during the second half of this year, and was on exhibit for the first time at SID 2012 Display Week in Boston starting June 4.

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