Microsoft’s bumbling management and Zuning of Tablets

Semiaccurate – Microsoft unveiled not one but two tablets, called ‘Surface’. Only one is WART (Windows 8 on ARM Runtime) based, SemiAccurate’s sources say it is a Tegra CPU, the other is x86, probably an Atom. Either way, Microsoft just did the dumbest and most self-destructive thing imaginable, and did it with their usual lack of style.

NOTE: Here is coverage of the alternative optimistic spin on the Microsoft tablets

The Next Web says a source close to Microsoft let slip on the tablet pricing, claiming the Surface tablet sporting Windows RT, and powered by Nvidia’s Tegra 3 chip, will set you back $599 (around £380).

The Intel powered Ivy Bridge slate, which will run Windows 8 Pro, will apparently retail at a rather eye watering $999 (around £640).

Do any readers feel that the prices and features are compelling ?
Are there 1 in 10 or 1 in 5 who would want to buy these devices ?

Microsoft paid Taiwanese OEMs to make tablets and then Microsoft came out with their own competing tablet. Microsoft can then undercut the Taiwanese OEMs. It then seems unlikely that Taiwanese OEMs will put effort into Microsoft tablets.

Windows 8 on ARM Runtime does not run the large library of windows software.

Anandtech – Microsoft Surface, was detailed by Steven Sinofsky. Surface is a stage for windows, 9.3mm thick, USB 2.0, beveled edges to feel natural in hand. Full magnesium case, in a liquidmetal forming process called VaporMg. It’s a 1st party Windows RT tablet. 10.6″ optically bonded display designed specifically for the Surface (a screen size that hasn’t been seen since the old Sony VAIO T series). Interestingly, the demo unit crashed while Sinofsky was showing it off.

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