Rossi claims 40 days of continuous operation for a 10 kilowatt Energy Catalyzer at 600 degrees celsius

Ecat World – Andrea Rossi stated in the email that the new high temperature E-Cat — that can produce 600 degree steam with a COP of 6 — has been operating continuously for 40 days.

The Rossi work is super-controversial and most people believe he is a fraud.

With 600C steam high efficiency turbines, Stirling engines, and even thermal photovoltaic systems can be used to produce electricity from E-Cats.

This test has lasted so far for 960 (nine hundred and sixty) hours, and is planned to last at least 90 days.

Continuous operation for 90 days under constant video surveillance and some public viewing generating 10 kilowatts of thermal power and providing over 3 kilowatts of electricity would be pretty conclusive and very, very simple to prove.

There are still some undisclosed issues that are still being worked upon. It would seem that this should either be a product / service by the end of 2013 at the latest or the fraud claims would be proven.

New E-Cat Details

This test is being conducted with a new model of E-Cat. The test is using a single module that contains a single reactor core. The reactor core is rated to have an output of 10 kilowatts, and a maximum safe output of 20 kilowatts. We have previously been told this reactor core is smaller than the previous version, but uses more shielding. Instead of many grams of nickel, it only uses 1.5 grams. Instead of a hydrogen canister, a small tablet is placed into the reactor that absorbs and releases hydrogen depending on the temperature.

Interestingly, atomic hydrogen is being produced both by “catalysts” (one or more chemical elements placed into the reactor core in addition to nickel and hydrogen) and by another method. Perhaps by being able to carefully control how much atomic hydrogen is generated the system can remain more stable. Perhaps this is what allows for 600C steam in a stable manner?

Like previous E-Cats, a drive has to be applied approximately half the time to keep the reactions stable. If the drive is not applied the reactor can run away, the reactor core can get too hot, the nickel can melt, and the nuclear reactions will cease. Also, a radio frequency generator is used as in previous E-Cats. Finally, it has been confirmed that copper is still the main transmutation product.

In a matter of weeks test data from this extended E-Cat test should be posted. In a matter of weeks the test will not be complete, but hopefully we will get test data from at least part of the test. Perhaps several days or weeks.

Picture from January 2011 demonstration

This is following up on the Rossi and Focardi energy production device, which was demonstrated in January 2011.

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