Carnival of nuclear energy 115

The Carnival of nuclear energy 115 is up at AtomicPowerReview.

NEI Nuclear notes – In April 2011, the Worldwatch Institute predicted a rocky future for nuclear energy, but the most recent report from the OECD shows the predicted slowdown never occurred.

Idaho Samizdat – The Department of Energy is reviewing proposals from B and W and several other SMR (small medium reactor) firms to be granted up to $452 million over five years to support SMR engineering and licensing work. The agency will make up to two awards by the end of September this year.

Nextbigfuture – Japan restarted a second nuclear reactor

Nextbigfuture – Canada Point Lepreau has been licensed to restart

Nextbigfuture – South Korea’s Shin Kori 2 has begun commercial operation, Canada Bruce A Unit 1 has been permitted to restart, US nuclear uprate status and Russia And Belurus sign a $10 billion deal for new nuclear reactors.

Nextbigfuture – It appears that China is in the lead to build the new nuclear reactors in the UK.

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