Carnival of Space 257

The Carnival of Space 257 is up at Dear Astronomer

Kentucky Space – Do you think outside the atmosphere? This small arduino-compatible prototyping platform puts a complete space-related development environment in the hands of makers and coders. Mike has the FireFly available for presale for $159.

Arduino compantible space development controller board

Discovery Space News – A boson that resembles the Higgs has been detected by two Large Hadron Collider experiments.

Nextbigfuture- There are approximately 1500 asteroids that are close to the earth and relatively easy to access. These asteroids contain substantial quantities of water, as well as precious metals such as platinum. The company Planetary Resources has been operating since 2010 with the primary mission of exploiting these asteroids natural resources. Planetary Resources believes that a combination of robots and satellites can be effectively used to extract both water and metals from these satellites within the next two decades. In an interview with Sander Olson for Next Big Future, Planetary Resources President and Chief Engineer Chris Lewicki discusses the plans for launching a series of satellites during the next decade to discover and analyze these satellites, with the ultimate aim of large-scale harvesting of asteroids.

Nextbigfuture – The IH (Integrated Hypersonics) program is designed to address technical challenges and improve understanding of long-range hypersonic flight through an initial full-scale baseline test of an existing hypersonic test vehicle, followed by a series of subscale flight tests, innovative ground-based testing, expanded modeling and simulation, and advanced analytic methods, culminating in a test flight of a full-scale hypersonic X-plane (HX) in 2016. HX is envisioned as a recoverable next-generation configuration augmented with a rocket-based propulsion capability that will enable and reduce risk for highly maneuverable, long-range hypersonic platforms.

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