China will start to build the ACP100 Pressure Water Nuclear Reactor in 2013

On July 3, Hunan Hengyang city government with CNNC signed a project cooperation agreement of intent to jointly promote the the Hengyang ACP100 small PWR (Pressurized Water Reactor) Project.

In late 2011, the budget for two ACP100 modular reactors was allocated.

The first ACP100 reactor will start construction at the end of 2013 in Putian, Fujian.

THE ACP100 will be a cogenerating system. The ACP-100 will use heat from the reactor for desalination, industrial purposes and residential heating.

Primary benefits are
* smaller modules are easier to finance
* the size allow for direct replacement of common small coal plant burners
* the 30 month construction time is about half the construction time of larger reactors (even the speedy construction times for reactors in China).

CNNC has a strong research interest in larger reactors as well (ACP600/1000 600 MWe and 1000 MWe units). The ACP600 is developed from the CNP-600 (also referred to as CP600).

Model of the modular ACP100 reactor

CNNC has been developing the ACP100 modular design. This is a 100 to 150 MWe pressurized water reactor designed for electricity, heat or desalination. A plant utilizing the design will have a flexible configuration, with between one and eight modules.

Here is a 24 page presentation on the ACP100 that is at the IAEA website. The presentation also discusses the modular pebble bed reactor.

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