Experts Argue over HP Memristor

Wired – Like most technology Who-Done-Its, says Martin Reynolds, an electrical engineering analyst with research outfit Gartner, the questions over HP’s memistor ultimately boil down to semantics. Like Campbell, he says that while HP’s technology HP is not precisely what Chua proposed, it does have memristor-like qualities.

“Is Stan Williams being sloppy by calling it a ‘memristor’? Yeah, he is,” Reynolds tells Wired. “Is Blaise Moutett being pedantic in saying it is not a ‘memristor’? Yeah, he is.”

In the grand scheme of things, he says, the argument is pointless. “At the end of day, it doesn’t matter how it works as long as it gives us the ability to build devices with really high density storage.”

The debate between experts is one over patents and claiming credit and money for what is expected to be a hugely successful new computer memory technology.

The argument is not over whether what HP has will work or not.

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