Off topic – My 2011 Tiger Woods Prediction almost Fulfilled

In October 2011, I predicted that Tiger Woods would regain his number one golf ranking.

Tiger Woods has won his third official PGA tournament of 2012 and is leading the one year Fedex Cup points race. He also won the unofficial Chevron World Challenge at the end of 2011.

Tiger is still fourth in the World Golf Rankings, which take into results going back two years. Two more regular wins, a win in a major or similar lack of results from him and the three golfers in front of him would likely lead to Tiger getting number one World Golf ranking. The others did better in 2010 and 2011 and will need to do more to replace the results that will be rolling off sooner.

A prior prediction was wrong that Tiger would regain the number one in 2011.

I predicted that he will win at least 3 majors over 2011, 2012, 2013 and first four months of 2014. He still needs 3 majors wins by the end of April 2014 for this to be fulfilled.

I predicted 12 or more total tournaments over 2011-2013 and first four months of 2014. He needs to win 8 more times by the end of April 2014 for this to be fulfilled.

From 2011 through the first four months of 2017, I predicted 5 major wins and 20 tournament wins. He still needs 5 majors wins and 16 tournament wins.

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