Carnival of Space 264

Carnival of space 264 is now up on Tomorrow is Here.

Centauri Dreams – SETI normally works with radio or optical signals, but the discipline is changing. Could we detect extraterrestrial technology, even a starship in transit? Centauri Dreams examines the question through the lens of a 1995 paper by Robert Zubrin.

Some beautiful new high-resolution views of Mount Sharp in Gale crater, taken by the Curiosity rover.

High-resolution view of Mount Sharp in Gale crater. Click for larger version. Credit: NASA / JPL / Emily Lakdawalla

Nextbigfuture – NASA has a project to test telerobotics from the International space station to the surface of the earth. This will be to develop the capability to operate robots remotely to the surface of the moon or Mars or asteroids.

Nextbigfuture – A presentation was made on June 27, 2012 for the NASA Future in Space Operations workshops. It proposed to revive nuclear thermal rocket development.

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