Google Fiber signups going very well in Kansas and talks about expansion to other markets

Google Fiber has over 4% penetration after one week of offering the 1 Gbps internet service. The service will start to deploy in September. In a research note to investors (not online), analysts at Macquarie Capital estimate Google has signed up 7,000, out of a possible 165,000 households. They are probably now at about 5%.

50 fiberhoods in Missouri have achieved the 5 or 10% or 25% pre-signup thresholds. The required signup levels vary.

CNET – Missouri residents seem to be more enthusiastic about the service; 39 percent, or 50 out of 128 eligible “fiberhoods” qualifying for service.

Kansas has 7 out of 72 fiberhoods over their threshold.

Over time, Google Fiber hopes to spur a new wave of technological innovation, from telemedicine to cloud computing, that can capitalize on its network’s ability to stream high-definition videos and transfer large files. Indeed, some believe Google Fiber is so powerful that it will improve education technology and transform how businesses operate.

Internet video streaming, in particular, seems ripe for new applications. Google Fiber’s emphasis on Internet-TV technology may also spur a new way to use apps, which are now primarily developed for computers and mobile devices.

Google has privately discussed expanding its offerings to other markets that Verizon hasn’t entered with its FiOS fiber-optic TV and Internet service, people familiar with the matter have said.

Verizon Fios availability

The search-engine giant also has begun notifying small businesses like coffee shops and consultants that they can preregister for its small-business service, which is aimed at mom-and-pop shops.

If the businesses are in the neighborhoods getting Google’s service this fall, ahead of the broader rollout, they may qualify, too, Ms. Wandres says, adding that the criteria for small-business Fiber hookups will be disclosed when that offering is announced in the near future.

Google’s service offers subscribers much faster speeds for a lot less than what they’d pay competing broadband providers. Google’s main package costs $120 and gives customers the 1Gbps broadband and Fiber TV service plus 1 terabyte of Google Drive cloud storage.

The 1Gbps broadband-only service is only $70 and also includes 1 Terabyte of data storage. Time Warner Cable, Google’s biggest competitor in this market, offers a 50 Mbps Internet service for an introductory price of $80 a month. And its total package with TV service and home phone service included is $200 a month.

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