Google Will Use a DARPA Strategy for Smartphones

Technology Review – Google has also created a department within Motorola—Advanced Technology and Projects—comprised of researchers charged with finding cutting-edge technologies that could give Motorola’s products an edge. And the executive refresh includes a new senior vice president, Regina Dugan, a former director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the Pentagon’s long-term research arm.

They plan to reduce the number of devices Motorola makes from the 27 it introduced last year down to just a few, and wants those devices to have super-long battery life, improved cameras, and possibly even new features such as voice recognition technology that can recognize people chatting in a room. Dugan is reportedly hiring metal scientists, acoustics engineers, and artificial intelligence experts, too.

They will try to have related to projects that are leaps, versus incremental steps

Among the hard problems that need solving in smartphones, Trappe says, is coming up with smoother ways to collect revenue from mobile apps. “That has been a big hard challenge for everyone,” Trappe notes. “Apple has the app store and iTunes—those are instant moneymakers for Apple. But Google has not been able to replicate that.”

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