Michael Phelps Medal Count Compared to Countries

Michael Phelps has won a total of 22 medals (18 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals). He also has 11 gold medals in individual events and 13 Olympic medals in individual events for a male. He has double the gold medals of the next highest individual.

How does Michael Phelps compare against the medal count of countries ?

If the Olympics were to end now, he would finish tied for 15th in overall medals in this olympics with 6 (4 gold and 2 silver). He would be ahead of Brazil, Ukraine and Belarus if most gold was used as a tie breaker.

He would be tied for 9th in terms of most gold medals.

In Beijing in 2008, his 8 gold would have put him tied for 25th in overall medals.

His 22 medals would be tied for 53rd in overall summer olympic medals. (with Portugal)

His 18 gold medals would put him in a tie with Austria and Ethopia at 37th in summer Olympic gold medals.

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