SRI International will soon Sign Contract with Brillouin Energy

E-catsite – SRI International, a research lab in Menlo Park, CA, one of the largest contract research institutes in the world, will soon sign a contract with Brillouin Energy Corporation of Berkeley, CA, to further evaluate and “scale up” that company’s cold fusion device, the Brillouin Boiler. SRI scientist and long-time cold fusion researcher Michael McKubre announced this in an interview with PESN’s Sterling Allen.

Per McKubre:
“As early this week, or next week, we will sign a contract with Brillouin with two purposes. One being to better understand what they have; and two, scale it up for almost exactly the same purposes that you just described…to have something that can be shown to engineers. Engineers will understand the significance of it and take if from that point forward.”

Dr. McKubre recently independently evaluated the Brillouin Boiler and subsequently became a member of their science advisory board. McKubre has been a cold fusion researcher since the early 1990s and has served as an unofficial spokesperson for cold fusion for many years. He appeared on ABCs Nightline in 1995 in a segment about the Patterson Power Cell, and at that time debated long-time cold fusion critic John Huizenga about the efficacy of the technology. He was also prominently featured in the 2009 60 Minutes segment “Cold Fusion is Hot Again.” In addition, McKubre will appear in the soon to be released film about cold fusion, “The Believers.”

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