36 Tesla Hybrid magnet construction is well underway

Fabrication of the Series-Connected Hybrid magnet is well underway. This magnet will produce for MagLab users magnetic fields of 36 Tesla featuring unprecedented (1ppm) homogeneity.

Winding of the superconducting coil, the largest component of the magnet windings, is well underway. The superconducting coil is wound with a cable-in-conduit conductor (CICC) that contains hundreds of Nb3Sn/Cu superconductor wires. The total length of CICC to be wound is 1.8 kilometers.

Four of 18 layers have been wound. The first three layers contained the largest “High-Field” CICC in the magnet. A complex structural link – a MagLab innovation – was successfully installed to connect the “High-Field CICC” of the third layer to the fourth layer, a layer that is the first in the winding of the smaller “Mid-Field CICC”.

After coil winding and installation of inter-layer joints, the entire coil will go through a reaction heat treatment to form the superconductor, followed by epoxy impregnation and final assembly.

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