Brillouin Energy has conditional Funding for $20 million

Slideshare has a 25 page presentation which was successful in raising an angel round of $2.2 million.

The goal of the $2 million round – Complete successful SRI dry hot tube NHB™ testing plus wet Brillouin Boiler™ testing of at least 3X excess heat results (commercialization)

China recently granted Brillouin Energy a patent for its LENR boiler technology

Brillouin has negotiated a “second stage” $20M investment conditional agreement from Sunrise Securities of New York, NY (

•  The Sunrise offer would purchase 15% of BEC post-money, conditional on BEC moving ahead with and completing successful testing of its NHB™ at SRI

•  Sunrise offer is also conditional on Brillouin striking preliminary agreement to acquire at least one “stranded asset” conventional fuel source small scale (5-10MW) Power Plant, with existing conventional co-gen equipment, and replacing (retrofitting) old fuel source with Brillouin’s hot tube NHB™, together with renewal of an operating power purchase or steam heat contract with an industrial or a utility

•  Key expert affiliates of Sunrise, including former Director of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)’s independent power division, have already provided potential acquisition candidates, available for negligible cost, with power contracts already in place

•  Upon successful testing of NHB™ at SRI, the $20M Sunrise offer will fund full commercial launch of this merchant power supply retrofit business model

•  Initially, BEC intends to license its Brillouin Boiler™ technology to leading conventional boiler (furnace) manufacturers (shortest time to market)

•  In the U.S. alone, estimates are that 581,000 commercial buildings use fossil fuel boilers for space heating or hot water, and 22,000 buildings use electric boilers

•  Market estimates for a non-polluting energy efficient boiler like Brillouin’s in just the U.S., is $2 Billion over the next few years

Potential Future Products

• As testing scale-up and operational results continue with either Boiler model, additional key markets become available such as scalable process heat, other steam turbine applications, distributable power supplies and inverse fuel cells, desalination of sea water, military un-manned aircraft, satellite technology, spaceflight, and eventually commercial aircraft safety and economics improvement by replacing jet fuel power sources, etc.

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