Broadcom Chief Technologist predicts 1 gbps wireless in 2027 while South Korea rolls out 100 Mbps wireless in 2013

One of several predictions by Broadcom chief technologist Henry Samueli is that by 2027, mobile devices will sport all-digital radios and Gbit/second cellular modems powered by 16-core apps processors running at 5 GHz. This prediction seems to be way too conservative.

TheVerge – Korean carrier SK Telecom is hoping to push the limits of LTE speed by combining multiple frequencies in one network. At the beginning of July, it launched the first commercial Multi Carrier (MC) network, which combines frequencies from the 800MHz and 1.8GHz bands and distributes traffic between them as necessary, keeping service stable even during high use times. Currently, service is only available in Seoul’s Gangnam district; the rest of the city and areas in six other metropolitan centers should see it by the end of the year, with more expansions to follow. A pilot program has been running since May.

SK Telecom users would see 60Mbps download speeds this year and 100Mbps by 2013. SK Telecom Korea announced that it would offer mobile internet speeds of up to 100 Mbps using a technology called Heterogeneous Network Integration Solution. The system works by combining existing networks — such as Wi-Fi and 3G or Wi-Fi and LTE — to provide a service that equals the sum of the two network speeds.

Korean LTE can theoretically achieve 100Mbps speeds already; back in the USA, T-Mobile has discussed implementing an 86Mbps HSPA+ network, and Clearwire says it has reached 90Mbps at testing sites. The distributed traffic and multiple networks provides a better guarantee of always being able to reach the 100 Mbps.

Japanese researchers demonstrated a 3 Gbit per second wireless link at 542 GHz. In 2011, Korean semiconductor company ROHM demonstrated a 1.5 Gb per second connection at 300 GHz. ROHM is expecting to run 30 Gb per second links in the coming years.

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