Carnival of Space 266

The Carnival of Space 166 is up at Venus Transit

Peter Lake takes a look at the newly discovered 375m Asteroid that will pass at about 7.4 lunar distances on the 14th. It is a little unusual these days to find such a big asteroid less than three weeks before its closest approach. (Video)

Nextbigfuture – NASA is funding development into aneutronic nuclear fusion for space propulsion

Nextbigfuture – the lunar space elevator kickstarter has raised over $77000 and still had one week to go. By the weekend it will still have a few days left and should be over $80,000 and the way to passing the $100,000 level. At the $100,000 – back in business for real, have a series of experiments and $250,000 – try for to climb to the limit of balloon technology , about 20 miles / 30 kilometers

Nextbigfuture – NASA NIAC phase 1 project Water Walls (WW). Water walls takes an approach to providing a life support system that is biologically and chemically passive, using mechanical systems only for plumbing to pump fluids such as gray water from the source to the point of processing. The core processing technology of Water Walls is FORWARD OSMOSIS (FO). Each cell of the WW system consists of a polyethylene bag or tank with one or more FO membranes to provide the chemical processing of waste. WW provides four principal functions of processing cells in four different types plus the common function of radiation shielding

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