George Church outlines a pathway to indeterminant lifespans via Synthetic Biology

George Church is a giant in gene sequencing, synthetic biology and DNA science. In the October, 2012 Discover Magazine, George Church teases with some ideas he has for achieving physical immortality (indeterminant lifespans) via Synthetic biology.

George’s idea is to bring in sections of DNA from exotic organisms or genes that are rare for humans to enable all people to have desired genetic capabilities. He describes capabilities such as immunity to all viruses and cellular immunity to radiation and creating immunity to diseases.

They are working to sequence and determine the genetic basis for long lived animals and humans and determine how to engineer longer lived people.

They are working on approaches to rejuvenate different kinds of cells including the neurons of the brain.

Besides myostatin inhibition for lean muscle, there is also rare genes for very strong – nearly unbreakable bones, genes for lower heart disease risks.

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