Halving the cost of superconductors will see major shifts from conventional infrastructure in 5 to 10 years

There are some significant utility scale high temperature superconducting (HTS) projects

Southern California Edison says that exploiting the benefits of HTS over the next decade is most likely to start with niche [utility scale] projects to build a technology foundation while gradually expanding markets and growing the manufacturing capacity to supply them. Minervini added that “microgrids” for isolated military bases and large urban data centers may provide another entrée by avoiding the need for investment by risk-averse utilities.

Studies suggest that reducing the present cost of the superconductor by a factor of two would bring the cost of 10-GW, 1200-mile-long, superconducting cables to within range of that of conventional overhead lines. Since underground dc cables also offer substantial environmental, siting, and aesthetic benefits over conventional overhead transmission lines, they may become an attractive alternative option in some situations.”

Superpower Inc is improving the cost performance of its superconducting wire and is expecting major market gains over the next few years.

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