iPhone 5 Announced and will be available September 21

Apple has officially introduced the iPhone 5 and has a comparison to other iPhones.

iPhone 5 on the left and compared to the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4.

In the US, all three iPhones will be available on AT&T, Sprint and Verizon.

The iPhone 5 has a 4-inch (diagonal) Retina display with 1136-by-640 resolution.

The iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S had 3.5-inch (diagonal) Retina display and 960-by-640 resolution.

Boy Genius had an analysis of the iPhone 5.

A6 processor. We knew Apple would be updating its iPhone chipset since it needed 4G LTE support, but it was unclear what processor the company would use. The A6 is twice as fast as the iPhone 4S’s chipset, and Apple says it offers twice the graphics performance as well.

The new 4-inch display on the iPhone 5 has 44% better color saturation compared to its old Retina display.

New noise cancellation technology with three microphones. Two mics seemed to work fine on the iPhone 4S, but apparently three isn’t a crowd. We’ll see how the new tech performs when we review the iPhone 5 later this month.

Better battery life. Industry watchers and consumers alike were worried that the addition of 4G LTE might hurt battery performance, but Apple says the new iPhone 5 battery will last even longer than the one used in the iPhone 4S.

Better camera. The iPhone 4S has one of the best cameras we’ve ever seen on a smartphone but according to Apple, the camera on the iPhone 5 is even better. It still captures 8-megapixel images but it now takes better low-light photos and it provides 40% faster photo capturing as well. Apple also said the camera can take still shots while recording HD video, and it now includes a built-in panorama mode.

New iPod touch. We knew the new iPod touch was coming, but some of the details took most of us by surprise. The fifth-generation iPod touch is just 6.1 millimeters thick and it includes same size 4-inch display as iPhone 5. It also now supports Siri, comes in a variety of colors, and ships with a matching “loop” wrist band — we know you’re exited about the wrist band

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