Construction of Japanese Ohma Nuclear reactor to resume

World Nuclear News – The Japan Electric Power Development Corp (J-Power) will resume construction of the Ohma nuclear power plant in Aomori prefecture. It will be the first Japanese nuclear construction project to restart since all such projects were suspended following the Fukushima accident.

Work to build the 1383 MWe (gross) Advanced Boiling Water Reactor (ABWR) in Aomori prefecture was 40% complete in March 2011 when a tsunami caused the accident at Tokyo Electric Power Co’s (Tepco’s) Fukushima Daiichi plant. An extended hiatus followed, during which Japan developed a new energy strategy.

The start of construction of the Ohma plant was originally due in August 2007, with commercial operation planned for March 2012. However, the imposition of more stringent seismic regulations put back the start of construction May 2008 and commercial operation to November 2014. J-Power said that it has not yet scheduled a new date for the start of operation “but intends to review the matter in the future based on progress in construction.”

In addition to the Ohma plant, construction was also suspended of unit 3 of Chugoku Electric Power Co’s Shimane plant, while the start of construction of unit 1 of Tepco’s Higashidori plant has been deferred from the original April 2011 date.

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