Four Thiel Fellows describe their work – Noor Siddiqui, Laura Deming, Christopher Olah, James Koppel

I think James Koppel and Laura Deming work looks the most interesting.

Noor Siddiqui describes that 4 billion people (earning less than $3000 per capita) are having talents that are undeveloped and having potential that is wasted.

We can learn and teach much faster.
Need to use better internet and information technology.
Did not discuss how to make a better specific solution. She outlined a problem and a potential but did not discuss how to make a better approach.

Laura Deming discusses how to cure aging
She has gotten the opportunity to be able to spend 6 years working on the problem of aging.

She is trying to find therapeutics against aging and find people who are willing to invest in anti aging and she is trying to match them up.

She is talking about Lyposomes.

In the Press conference, Laura indicates that she is working with companies that are working on lysosome therapeutics. However, she could not provide details.

This is one of the SENS projects, LysoSENS. Destroying junk inside cells.

Previous Laura Deming Video

Chris Olah talks about Exponential trends and Multiplicative Calculus

There is a large class of underutilized abstractions.

Here is a link to Chris Olah Youtube channel

Prior videos with Chris Olah.

James Koppel

James Koppel already made some important software for Facebook.
Software has been growing linearly and James wants to fix this.

In the talk James gave examples of existing but not well known technologies that will enable more automated error correction and other superior software. He wants to facilitate letting more people to know about it. He is also working on something still in stealth more to do something more.

James Koppel’s bio

Spiral program makes a faster fast fourier transform.
He talks about evolving code with fewer errors.

Online article about reengineering.

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