Google Nexus 7 reviews and rumors and Kindle Fire HD and the new IPad

1. UK Telegraph – Carphone Warehouse said that, since going on sale on 27 July, the Google Nexus 7 tablet has become the best selling Android tablet in its history. It still lags considerably behind any of Apple’s three iPad models, it means that devices such as the Asus Transformer Prime and the Samsung Galaxy Tab have already been eclipsed by a device whose main selling point has been its affordable £159 (US$249) price tag.

2. Wirelessandmobilenews- There are rumors of a cheaper 7″ Nexus 7 for $99 in time for the holidays. There will be some great tablet deals starting on Black Friday (thanksgiving in the US) and cyberdeals during that week and into the holidays.

There have been reports that Google and Asus will offer a 32 GB Nexus 7 tablet. Although the Nexus 7 has gotten great reviews, it lacks a microSD slot for increasing storage. 32GB models were seen in inventory systems. The estimated price for the 32GB Nexus 7 is around $249.99, the current price for the Nexus 7 16GB model.

The $99 Nexus 7 will likely have somewhat compromised features. I personally will be looking at the Black Friday and Cyberdeals around Thanksgiving.

Reported features of the Nexus 10.1 are the same of better than the well-reviewed Nexus 7, a quad-core processor, Wi-Fi, Corning Glass, GPS, Wi-Fi, Android Jelly Bean, microUSB, NFC and landscape-capable homescreen. Many are hoping for an HDMI connection, double Wi-Fi antenna and speakers.

3. Wirelessandmobilenews – Nexus 7 Review of Reviews vs. Kindle Fire HD and new iPad

The most highly rated feature of the Google Nexus 7 is that it is pure Google experience and will get updates faster than other Android tablets.

Google Nexus 7 specs include: 7″ 1280×800 pixel 216 ppi IPS display, Corning glass, 4325mAh batter, microUSB port, NFC (Android Beam), 1GB RAM, 8/16GB storage, microphone, GPS, WiFi, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and quad-core Tegra 3 processor.

In general, reviews of the Google Nexus 7 were very good when compared to other 7″ tablets. When compared to computer-like use of the iPad and Apple media/app system, the Google Nexus 7 fell a little short of expectations

4. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos revealed a slightly upgraded $159 version of the first 7-inch tablet and a 7-inch and 8.9 inch versions of the all-new Kindle Fire HD.

The entry level Fire will cost just $159, a $40 price drop from the first. It began shipping Sept. 14.

The Kindle Fire HD, which comes in two sizes, a 7-inch version for $199 (also available Sept. 14), and a 8.9-inch edition for $299 (available Nov. 20), each starting with 16GB of internal storage.

The 8.9-inch model has 1920 x 1200 resolution with a dense 254 pixels per inch (just shy of the current iPad’s 264 ppi). It’s 8.8mm thick and weighs 20 ounces. (For comparison’s sake, the iPad is 9.4mm thick, and 23 ounces, but it does have a slightly larger screen, measuring 9.7 inches in diagonal.)

There is a $499 version of the 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD that will run on a 4G LTE cellular data network, and come with a $50-per-year data plan that gives you 250MB of data access per month.

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