Lawrenceville Plasma Physics still wrestling with arcing problem

Lawrenceville Plasma Physics is working to achieve commercial dense plasma focus nuclear fusion. They have been trying to prevent arcing for the past few months and are still wrestling with that problem. If they can solve that issue then they should get about ten times more current.

Their model for nuclear fusion can be thought of as a dense plasma spark plug approach to nuclear fusion.

They have gotten some more improvements and validation of their scientific understanding in the past few months.

LPP’s research team is convinced the arcing can be cured, since our colleagues in other facilities, with similar currents, have licked this problem. It is a question of our learning and applying the best techniques to do this right. In our small field, the answers are not in textbooks, but we believe we have enough insights to provide the answers after a little more experimenting.

This plasma writing gives us greater confidence that as soon as the arcing is fixed, better filamentation, higher densities and higher yield will be produced.

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