Psy is the Korean rapper who has exploded onto the internet with his “Gangnam style” video. It is not yet the most viewed video on Youtube. However, it will likely crack the top ten this week.

The tenth most popular video is Enimem – “Not Afraid” at about 360 million views. Gangnam Style is at 334 million (after 60 days) and is increasing its views by about 5 to 10 million each day. A Justin Bieber video is number one with about 780 million views. By the end of 2012, it will probably take 1 billion views to be number 1 on Youtube.

For those who have not seen it.

The elevator scene – the person in the elevator was a friend of Psy who visited during the shooting of the video. They improvised that scene.

From a comment – The word “oppa” (literally older brother) is an informal title like “daddy” and “mommy” in English. This title, “oppa,” can be used only by a girl when she calls out to or talks to either (1) her real older brother in her family, or (2) a male friend slightly older than she is (not older than, very roughly, 10 years, in which case the title “a-jo-ssi,” literally uncle, would be more appropriate). For the second use, the older male friend does not necessarily have to be her boyfriend, although he can be. “Oppa” conveys a sense of warm friendship, so all Korean guys love to be called “oppa” by younger girls–especially by those they find attractive. As for what the difference between “oppa” and “oppan” is, “oppan” simply means “oppa is.” So “Oppan Gangnam style” means “(girls!) Older brother is Gangnam style,”

Gangnam is the richest district in Korea full of expensive condos many of which are well over US $2 million dollars.

I think the concert performance is better than the video

Lyrics to Gangnam Style is here

Dance Tutorial


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