Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Reviews

I am planning to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Here are some reviews of that smartphone.

1. Android Central – The original Galaxy Note wasn’t a mainstream device, and neither is its successor. Nevertheless, the Galaxy Note 2 is the best large-screen smartphone available by a considerably wide margin.

The S Pen, though still not a required in everyday use, has become more useful — and usable — in the Note 2. And then there’s the latest version of Android, as well as the wealth of extra features offered by TouchWiz. Great screen and camera.

The Bad – TouchWiz remains visually and structurally chaotic.

Power Usage and Management

The RGB HD SuperAMOLED screen is the biggest battery-guzzler, with other tasks — even photography and mobile data use — proving surprisingly light on battery consumption. The end result was an average of around 12 hours of very heavy use on Wifi and HSPA+ during our first full day with the Note 2. Later on, with more normal usage patterns, we managed well over 24 hours on a single charge.

That’s a respectable performance, but we have to wonder what extra toll 4G data might take on the LTE-equipped variants. In any case, if you’re rocking a Note 2 on plain old 3G, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting through a full day on a single charge.

Fortunately, Samsung’s TouchWiz software does include a multitude of battery saving options, which can be set to automatically trigger when the battery’s low. And the removable battery gives you the option to swap in a spare if it’s going to be a long day.

2. A scribd copy of the Samsung galaxy note 2 user guide

3. Android Devices – Hands on review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

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