Singularity Summit – Jaan Tallinn on Hard Takeoff Singularity and a Simulation Universe #SS12

Why Now ? A Quest in Metaphysics by Jaan Tallinn

Jaan is one of the founders of Kazaa and Skype
He is a member of the Lifeboat Foundation
He is now with Ambient Sound Investments

He had a presentation which outlined a hard takeoff to the Singularity.
He makes the case that the beginning of the Singularity is a special moment in the universe.

He discusses why it could make sense for superintelligences (of computronium) would communicate to each other with simulations of the Singularity where they are looking for similar superintelligences.

The presentation considers the programmer Fred whose program initiates a hard takeoff singularity.

My notes on the presentation are limited. There should be a copy of the presentation on Prezi but I have not been able to find it yet. It is a series of cartoon drawings.

You should be able to use search terms of parts of “Why Now ? A Quest in Metaphysics by Jaan Tallinn”. If anyone can find it please let me know.

Special moment
Simulations in multiverse
Superintelligences vs physics
Simulations to communicate between superintelligences
Mindspace search

Here are other videos with Jaan

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