Singularity Summit Liveblogging – AI Crashing through the barrier of meaning

AI Crashing through the barrier of meaning by Melanie Mitchell

Analogy as source of everyday label for situations

That sounds like Mozart
Its another Vietnam
That’s a coverup
Pot calling the kettle black
Stones at glass houses

Been there, done that
The same thing happened to me
If I were in your shoes

Copycat Software

Processing strings and sequences

The Copycat project by Melanie Mitchell sought to develop FARG architectural ideas in the Copycat domain of letter-string analogy problems (and see more from Mitchell) e.g. “if abc goes to abd, what does ijk go to?”, or “aqc -> abc, pqc -> ?” For obtaining the old code or a Java clone of Copycat, go to Melanie’s own page and also Metacat.

Does it understand or know. It has natural language
Melanie does not think Watson has powerful analogy making systems.
Watson has categories of questions and is able to classify questions in those categories but it is not able to go beyond and extend application of those analogies.

Machine that crosses the barrier of meaning
She thinks not soon.
Meaning – understanding and apply it many situations
Analogies –source of intelligence

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