V3Solar spinning solar cone solves many concentrated solar design issues

V3solar’s Spin Cell is a spinning photovoltaic and specialized optics device with remote communication capabilities to enable efficient and cost effective electrical power generation.

By design, the Spin Cell has features that stand out in the solar industry and will assist market penetration, such as:

Built in solar tracking Graduated cooling Minimize wind sheer Increased power density Remote management Lower cost per watt produced

The Spin Cell is comprised of a conical shaped outer lens concentrator that provides efficient light concentration at a consistent focal width and focal range. Due to the patented conical shape, the Spin captures the optimum amount of sunlight during daylight hours eliminating the need for solar tracking and increasing electricity output, by design.

The lens concentrators are made up of a series of interlocking rings that connect to each other. The tubular lens produce substantial concentration of available light in light bands which effectively sweep over the moving PV. The lenses can be produced in a range of sizes to suit a variety of market needs reducing costs associated with developing Spin Cells with different power outputs.

Extreme heat normally associated with light concentration onto static PV material is avoided by the PV cycling in and out of the concentrated bands of light.

* Approximately a meter high and a meter wide and producing over 1kWp of electricity, the Sentinel can be used in a variety of configurations to suit solar farm deployments, industrial roof mounts or home installations.

* the power that holds 10 Spin Cells, or 10KWp, in a footprint of 10 square feet

At present 10KW can be mounted on our Power Pole in an area using 1 square meters of space installed. This compares well against flat panel PV which uses approximately 12 square meters installed for 1KW, or a ratio of 12 to 1.

The next unit developed will be a 500W unit for developing markets. There are many people who burn kerosene, coal or firewood for their minimal needs. Our vision to provide with solution with clean, renewable solar energy at cost that is lower than the current financial burden.

The revolutions per minute are precisely timed and automatically adjusted to take in enough sunlight to sustain photovoltaic segment light saturation at peak threshold, and reduce the heat of the PV by rotating it in and out of direct sunlight.

The solar industry has long known that concentrated lensing can dramatically increase electricity production. But because the magnification focused on one, static point continuously, the intense heat could burn holes in standard PV or generate such high temperatures that the PV becomes inoperable, an effect similar to holding your hand beneath a magnifying glass. The Spin Cell enjoys the benefits of the concentrated light without the destructive issues of the intense heat.

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