ARM CEO sees TV and Computers as Big Smartphones

Technology Review- ARM is a British company that licenses the energy-efficient processor designs required by mobile devices. Those chips were once considered significantly less powerful than the x86 processors found in desktops, laptops, and servers—a market dominated by Intel—but that gap appears to be closing. Microsoft is exploring a switch to ARM’s technology for traditional computers, suggesting that ARM’s technology will soon shape more than just mobile computing.

ARM CEO sees other devices like Smartphones

To me a PC is really just a smartphone in another form factor. It’s got a bit more local storage, and it’s got some types of interfaces that are a bit different. You wouldn’t have a DVD player in your phone because there’s no room for a DVD, but actually there’s no reason why you couldn’t have a connector to an optical reader to have a DVD. TVs are the same. TVs are big smartphones. Computers are kind of medium smartphones.

I would then guess that cars are bigger smartphones with wheels and Airplanes would be really big flying smartphones.

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