Carnival of Space 276

The Carnival of Space 276 is up at Starry Critters

Chandra Observatory Blog – These images of the planetary nebula Abell 30, (a.k.a. A30), show one of the clearest views ever obtained of a special phase of evolution for these objects.

Riding with Robots – On a remote military base in the desert, the United States government is communicating with outer space. (A visit to NASA’s Goldstone Deep Space Communication Complex)

Nextbigfuture- NASA’s Kepler Space telescope is transitioning to an extended mission after finding 2300 exoplanet candidates

Nextbigfuture – A Technological singularity is where there is an explosion of technology that forecasted to occur with greater than human intelligence Artificial intelligence. Nextbigfuture discusses accelerated from technologies other than greater than human AI and molecular nanotechnology. Here are videos related to several high impact technologies including several anticipated space related developments

Nextbigfuture- here is a picture and video related to the Spacex Grasshopper rocket which is an experimental rocket being used to develop reusable rockets

Nextbigfuture- One of the lead actors of the Space themed science fiction TV show Babylon 5 has recently died. Michael O’Hare played Commander Sinclair

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