First Public 1 Megawatt Rossi Ecat expected in May/June 2013 and other non-Public Sales


Cold Fusion Now – there was an announcement of a projected public 1 Megawatt plant viewing around May/June 2013, a month or so before the ICCF (international Cold Fusion Conference) 18 conference taking place this time around in the US, making for a lot of revision and last minute speech editing if everything goes as scheduled time wise, and the plant is operational and viewable to the selected public.

Rossi also stated – the first 1 MW hot cat will go in operation within February 2013. It will not be a military application, therefore selected persons will be allowed to visit it. It will be installed in a big power production and distribution plant.

2. ECat World – While commercial E-Cat products are listed as being for sale through Prometeon and other licensees, these plants are under wraps for now, and according to Aldo Proia it could be months after installation before the members of the press or general public might be able to see one in action. This being the case, there is not likely to be a huge amount of excitement generated about this technology among the general public if only secret customers are able to see and use it.

3. New Energy and Fuel had more follow up on Prometeon e-cat licensee.

Nextbigfuture had covered the interview with Prometeon SRL CEO Aldo Proia.

4. PESN has coverage of last weeks low energy nuclear reactor news.

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