Memristor based nanostore memory and logic could be 100 times more energy efficient

Eetimes – HP still on track for 2016 to 2018 for nanostore memory and logic chips that could be 100 times more energy efficient

“We have the opportunity for new building block,” said Ranganathan. “It’s really a 3-D stack amenable to traditional workloads and even more so to new workloads, really changing the game with potentially a hundred-fold increase in performance per watt.”HP Labs continues to conduct experiments on the nanostore concept with promising results. But Ranganathan declined to provide any specifics, noting the work is still as much as three years from commercial products.Such devices could ride a confluence of multiple waves of change. “The technology changes and workloads inflections ahead are incredibly interesting for system design,” he said.

Memristor memory is expected for 2014. This is memory and logic. Memristor memory displaces Flash. Nanostore replaces the intel X86 and other CPU chips

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