Nexus 4 and IPad Mini Reviews

1. – picking up the Nexus 4, you can tell this is a quality device just like the LG Optimus G we recently reviewed. Not since HTC manufactured Nexus phones for Google has one felt this good. The Nexus 4 has the best screen of any Android phone.

The Google Nexus 4 can be purchased for a mind-blowing $299 for the 8GB model… without a contract. Google’s best phone ever — in fact, the best Android phone ever created — can be bought for only $299 with no two-year agreement. It’s just insane. It’s said that Google is subsidizing the cost of each handset sold by up to $350 each, but that’s not your problem, now is it?

2. – Does the world need a newer, smaller iPad that’s practically the same price as the existing iPad 2? I mean, looking at it on paper, the iPad mini uses the same hardware as the iPad 2 — the same processor, same amount of RAM, same screen resolution — and it’s only $70 less expensive. Why would consumers choose this over the iPad 2 or even a regular iPad? The answer is immediately obvious from the moment you pick up the iPad mini.

Light Enough to Carry Everywhere

The major difference between an iPad and an iPad mini is that the size, weight and thinness can dramatically change how you use this device. It’s half as light as the iPad (third- and fourth-generation) and thinner than the iPhone 5. I have found myself carrying my iPad mini with me everywhere I go. In the car, to a friend’s house, to my office… it’s perfect. It adds practically no weight to your bag and it makes sense to have a smaller device especially when you already have a computer.

2 Day Battery and Good Enough Screen

If you’re coming from an original iPad or iPad 2, the iPad mini’s screen will blow you away. If you’re used to the latest iPad, it certainly feels like a step backwards at first, but you do get used to it.

Battery life has been absolutely amazing on the iPad mini. I used it for two days straight — literally non-stop usage except when I was sleeping.

The iPad becomes a speciality purchase for a specific need, and the iPad mini is the iPad people buy without giving it a second thought.

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