Publicly known UAVs per country

The Guardian UK had a summary of the amount of unmanned drone stocks by country that have been declared.

Data from the International Institute for Strategic Studies, which it has allowed us to re-publish here on the Datablog, identifies 56 different types of UAVs used in 11 different countries. Where it can calculate actual stocks, this covers 807 drones in active service around the world – and this is a huge underestimate: number data is not available for China, Turkey and Russia.

The US is the most open about its drone stocks. The IISS data shows that is has at least 678 drones in service, of 18 different types. Some 14 of them are identified as ‘heavy’, and includes UAVs such as the MQ-1B Predator, of which it has over 100.

The following list seems to be vastly undercounting. CNN reports that the US has about 7500 drones instead of the 678 listed. China unveiled 25 drone models at an air show in 2010, some of which were outfitted with the capability to fire missiles.

The Teal Group, a defense consulting firm in Virginia, estimated in June that the global market for the research, development and procurement of armed drones will just about double in the next decade, from $6.6 billion to $11.4 billion.

UAV stocks by country (Aug 2012) by IISS


USA     Army        I-Gnat  Heavy  3   
USA     Army        RQ-5A Hunter  Heavy  20   
USA     Army        MQ-1C Grey Eagle  Heavy  19  Includes Warrior/Sky Warriors
USA     Army        RQ-7A Shadow  Medium  236   
USA     Navy        MQ-8B Fire Scout  Heavy  5   
USA     Navy        RQ-4A Global Hawk  Heavy  4  BAMS Demonstrators
USA     Navy        RQ-2B Pioneer  Medium  35   
USA     Marines     RQ-7B Shadow  Medium  32   
USA     Marine Res  RQ-7B Shadow  Medium  4   
USA     Air Force   MQ-1B Predator  Heavy  101   
USA     Air Force   MQ-9 Reaper  Heavy  73   
USA     Air Force   RQ-4B Global Hawk  Heavy  23  Including Block 30 to be withdrawn
USA     Air Force   RQ-170 Sentinel  Heavy  1+   
USA     AirNatGuard MQ-1B Predator  Heavy  42   
USA     AirNatGuard MQ-9 Reaper  Heavy  14   
USA     Army SOCOM  CQ-10 Snowgoose  Heavy  28   
USA     AF SOCOM    MQ-1B Predator  Heavy  29   
USA     AF SOCOM    MQ-9 Reaper  Heavy  10   
France  Army        Sperwer  Medium  20  SDTI
France  Air Force   Harfang  Heavy  3   
Germany Army        KZO  Medium  6   
Germany Air Force   Heron  Heavy  3   
Italy   Air Force   RQ-1B Predator  Heavy  5   
Turkey  Army        Falcon 600  Heavy  n/k   
Turkey  Army        Firebee  Heavy  n/k   
Turkey  Army        CL-89  Medium  n/k   
Turkey  Army        Gnat  Medium  n/k   
Turkey  Air Force   Heron  Heavy  10   
Turkey  Air Force   Gnat 750  Medium  18   
UK      Army        Hermes 450  Medium  n/k   
UK      Army        Watchkeeper  Medium  n/k   
UK      Air Force   MQ-9 Reaper  Heavy  5+  To be 10
Russia  Army        Tu-143 Reys  Heavy  n/k   
Russia  Army        Tu-243 Reys/Reys D  Heavy  n/k   
Russia  Army        Tu-300 Korshun  Heavy  n/k   
China   Army        BZK-005  Heavy  n/k   
China   Army        WZ-5  Heavy  n/k   
China   Army        ASN-105  Medium  n/k   
China   Army        ASN-206  Medium  n/k   
China   Army        ASN-104  Medium  n/k   
China   Army        WZ-50  n/k  n/k   
China   Army        WZ-6  n/k  n/k   
China   Air Force   CH-1 Chang Hong  Heavy  n/k   
China   Air Force   Chang Kong 1  Heavy  n/k   
China   Air Force   Firebee  Heavy  n/k   
India   Army        Nishant  Medium  14   
India   Army        Searcher Mk I/II  Medium  12   
India   Navy        Heron  Heavy  4   
India   Navy        Searcher Mk II  Medium  8   
India   Air Force   Searcher Mk II  Medium  n/k   
Iran    Army        Mohajer IV  Medium  n/k   
Israel  Air Force   Hermes 450  Medium  n/k   
Israel  Air Force   Heron  Heavy  n/k  Shoval
Israel  Air Force   Heron-TP  Heavy  4  Eitan
Israel  Air Force   RQ-5A Hunter  Heavy  n/k   
Israel  Air Force   Searcher Mk II  Medium  22  22 more in store

There is a longer list of UAVs by country at wikipedia.

Combat Air Craft by Country

from Wikipedia

Data from Center for Strategic and International Studies,[6][80] Bharat Rakshak[81] otherwise where noted.

Country          Fighters       Bombers      Attack
USA              3,043          171       1,185
Russia           1,264          166       1,267
China            1,130          118         370
India              901           91         220
North Korea        899           60            211
South Korea        648           60            352
Pakistan           325           30            250
Israel             233           10            264
Egypt              644           25  
UK                 345           50            209

Since drones are about 10 to 100 times cheaper than fighters and bombers, it seems likely that UAV fleets would end up being 10 to 100 times larger than regular combat aircraft. There are also supercheap drones that cost 1000 to 1 million times less. The capabilities of the supercheap drones is of course vastly inferior.

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