Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 Rumors

1. IBTimes – On the heels of the unveiling of HTC’s new Droid DNA, a 5-inch smartphone with a full HD 1080p display, the tech world is buzzed with rumors indicating that Samsung is also rolling up its sleeves to enter the 5-inch screen bandwagon.

The rumor has it that the South Korean tech giant is preparing a 4.99-inch Full HD Super AMOLED screen to be showcased at the annual Consumer Electronics Convention (CES) in January 2013, a display that is likely to be featured in the company’s upcoming flagship smartphone iteration, presumably called the Samsung Galaxy S4.

SamMobile reported Friday, citing Korean website Asiae, that “engineers over at Samsung display have outdone themselves this time” and have “managed to make a 4.99″ Full HD display with a stunning PPI of 441.”

Form Factor:

· Curved screen using flexible screen technology

· 4.99-inch AMOLED display

· 1920 x 1080p HD resolution with 441 ppi

· “A slimmer and more unique design, so as to avoid further patent lawsuits from Apple.”

Specs & Features:

· A 2GHz quad-core Exynos processor

· 2GB of RAM

· Android Jelly Bean 4.2 operating system or higher

· A 12 mega-pixel camera or higher

· A 1.9 megapixel front-facing camera with built-in Skype

· 4G LTE data speed

· A 3200 mAh battery

2. Phonearena – Samsung is working on a project for a so-called ClorOLED display to be ready for mass yields in June 2013.

The specs are nothing short of stunning, if this whole tip is true, since the pixel density has allegedly been disclosed by Samsung to be 358ppi in a 5.8″ unit, made with an RGB matrix, instead of the PenTile arrangement Samsung’s been using for its HD Super AMOLED screens until the Note II.

The claimed resolution, however, doesn’t really add up to that pixel density. The source says the display is to sport the rather unconventional 1024×980 pixels, which, coupled with the reported 5.8″ size, adds up to 244ppi. Here comes the kicker, though – out tipster claims that the RGB matrix of this project, codenamed ClorOLED, will be done with no less than 16 subpixels, so make of it what you will. The Super AMOLED Plus in the Galaxy S II is listed by Samsung as having 12 subpixels in ads, so we’d have a third more here.

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