Tesla Model S with two rear facing seats and the Model X SUV

Tesla is working on a third-generation car, which is a mass-market electric car. Tesla has an idea for an electric truck that could really be a big improvement in truck technology. Elon is looking at a whole series of cars that address a wide range of consumer interests and needs and self driving cars.

Telsa Model X SUB for 2014

All electric motor — Of course, the most attractive thing about the Model X is its ability to go 200 to 270 miles on a charge from its electric motor, omit zero emissions, and go from zero to 60 in just 4.4 seconds.

* Seating seven adults

* Falcon Wings — Instead of sliding open like a minivan or swinging out like an SUV, the back doors on the Model X open up and out of the way to allow for more space to get in and out of the vehicle and to squeeze into narrow parking spaces.

* The dashboard — The front panel of the Model X comes with a massive touch screen display to provide GPS and battery information, entertainment, and lots more.

* The Model X will start at $49,900 with options and upgrades, taking the price tag to $97,900

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