A Collection of Predictions for 2013

1. Technology Review – Five Technologies to Watch in 2013

* Wireless charging – Around five million devices using wireless charging were sold in 2012, but we might see numbers closer to 100 million in the coming two to three years

* 3-D printing – 3d printing grew in a few unexpected ways in 2012. In New York, Shapeways presented a 25,000-square-foot facility that it intends to stock with 50 industrial-scale printers capable of cranking out five million products a year

* Killer Stylus – Tablets need a killer stylus and it has not been developed yet, but one company should get it right soon

* Leap 3D – Leap 3d is 200 times as accurate than the XBox Kinect and will be delivered in 2013

* Nook – as a last stand for Barnes and Noble and physical bookstores

2. In 2012, there were many Euro and EU doom-mongers. Many were the world’s leading economists and investors (Paul Krugman – NY Times Nobel winning Economist, billionaire George Soros, Willem Buiter, chief economist at Citigroup).

Nouriel Roubini, the New York University economist whose bearish forecasts earned him the nickname “Dr. Doom”, has been in the gloom camp from the beginning, predicting as far back as 2010 that countries would be forced to abandon the single currency.

Now he says the risks of a near-term catastrophe have been reduced. Reflecting the more cautious view of many of his colleagues, Roubini believes 2013 will be another year in which European politicians “muddle through”, avoiding catastrophe.

Economists like Eichengreen are reluctant to declare the worst of the crisis over, pointing to deep recessions on Europe’s periphery and the risk of political complacency.

At a December summit in Brussels, European governments delayed serious discussion on closer fiscal integration until mid-2013 and made clear that creation of a “banking union” would stretch into 2014 and beyond.

3. CNET has five predictions for Twitter

* Releasing users’ full tweet histories
* Out-Instagramming Instagram
* Becoming more of a financial powerhouse (improving its advertising system)
* Mending fences with developers
* Getting bought by Apple. Or not. (Twitter might IPO by 2014, or get bought out for around $10 billion. Currently worth $8.4 billion)

4. CNET has five social media predictions

* MySpace relaunches; no one cares
* Twitter-Instagram photo rivalry continues to develop
* Tout (video sharing service) breaks out
* Bigger bucks for Twitter
* Facebook buys RockMelt?

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