China increasing solar power installation target to 40 GW for 2015

China appears to be ready to lift their target for the deployment of solar power to 40 gigawatts by 2015, just weeks after the official target was raised to 21GW according to the China Daily.

China may almost double its upper limit for solar power installed capacity to 40 gigawatts by 2015 from the current 21 gW, an industry insider said.

The exact figure is yet to be finalized, said Meng Xiangan, deputy Board Chairman of the Chinese Renewable Energy Society.

Deutsche Bank analysts noted that the updated forecast suggests that more than 10GW of solar will be installed in China in each of the next three years. Assuming that solar deployment will continue to increase rather than slow; that suggests a cumulative total of well over 100GW by 2020.

Cleantechnica – Solar power by country at the end of 2011

1. Germany — 24.7 GW
2. Italy — 12.8 GW
3. Japan — 4.9 GW
4. Spain — 4.4 GW
5. USA — 4.4 GW
6. China — 3.1 GW

SOURCES- Cleantechnica, Bloomberg, China Daily

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