Reasons to go beyond biological life extension

A talk by Randal Koene covers the motivation for human technological augmentation and reasons to go beyond biological life extension

* Life-extension in biology may increase the fragility of our species & civilization… More people? – Resources. Less births? – Fewer novel perspectives. Expansion? – Environmental limitation.

* Biological life-extension within the same evolutionary niche = further specialization to the same performance “over-training” in conflict with generalization

* Significant biological life-extension incredibly difficult and beset by threats.

* Life-extension and Substrate-Independence are two different objectives

* Developing out of a “catchment area” (S.Gildert) may demand iterations of exploration – and exploration involves risk.Hard-wired delusions and drives. What wouldan AGI do? Which types of AGI would exist in the long run?

* “Uploading” is just one step of many – but a necessary step – for a truly advanced species

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