Carnival of Nuclear Energy 135

The Carnival of Nuclear Energy 135 is up at the ANS Nuclear Cafe

ANS Nuclear Cafe – : Timing and Framing: How to address nuclear and climate change

In the wake of superstorm Sandy, Suzy Hobbs Baker argues that “right now is the perfect time to provide a new framework for supporting nuclear as a solution to climate change.”

Nextbigfuture – Construction of three new Chinese reactors has begun, since the country’s announcement in October that it would approve only a ‘small number’ of nuclear projects in each of the coming five years. First concrete has now been poured for Fuqing unit 4 in Fujian province and Yangjiang unit 4 in Guangdong province – both 1080 MWe CPR-1000 units. In addition, construction of the Shandong Shidaowan HTR-PM project – a demonstration high-temperature gas-cooled reactor – has also started in Shandong province.

Next Big Future: Japan likely heading for a pro-nuclear LDP win in national elections this week

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