The USA Probably passed Saudi Arabia as the Number One Total Oil liquids Producing Country in the first week of December 2012

In Saudi Arabia’s own direct communication to OPEC, the kingdom said November production was lower, at 9.49 million. The November Saudi amount was 550,000 barrels per day less than in August.

Therefore, Saudi Arabia appears to have cut back its oil production to 11.2 million barrels per day in the last week of November (in order to support a higher price for oil because of higher USA and Iraq production increases). The US increased oil (crude oil, natural gas liquids, ethanol and other liquids and refinery processing gains) production to pass Saudi Arabia in the first week of December (to 11.33 million bpd). The USA added 660,000 barrels per day since August.

11.33 million bpd for the USA and 11.2 million bpd for the Saudi Arabia swing producer. The USA became the number one oil (all liquids) producing nation in the first week of December. Based on simple math and what Saudi Arabia announced and what the USA reported via the Energy Information Administration.

Total Oil supply for the US for the days in the Week ending Dec 7 was 11.33 million barrels

US daily crude oil production added 35,000 barrels per day and natural gas liquids and renewable fuel added 99,000 barrels per day in the most recently reported week. Crude oil production is at the highest level in 18 years. Crude oil production is up nearly 1 million bpd since the same time last year.

All liquids of oil

All liquids or EIA Total Supply includes
Crude oil and condensate
Natural Gas liquids
Ethanol and other biofuel
Refinery gains

The EIA compared countries based on Total Supply (all of the above components)
Saudi reduced by 550,000 according to their statement to OPEC from August to November.

The US increased by 660,000.

Link to compare different countries production based on different oil definitions. Data is up to August currently. September should be up shortly so about 2.5 months for the November data to get put up.

In order for the USA to pass Saudi Arabia without refinery gains would require another 1.1 million bpd increase. The US would have to repeat what they did in 2012. The US increased crude oil by 1 million bpd and increased Natural gas liquids by 300,000 bpd.

If world oil demand stays relatively weak and Iraq also adds about 400,000 bpd in 2013., then Saudi Arabia might choose to cut back to about 8 million bpd. Although I doubt they would cut back below that level to support prices.

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