Aubrey and SENS Expect to Announce Lysosens success which will help prevent cardiovascular disease

Here is interview with Aubrey de Grey. Aubrey is the main driver behind SENS.

They hope to make public soon a revolutionary advance to insert a gene [derived from bacteria] in our patients and prevent them from dying from cardiovascular disease – the No. 1 cause of death today.

This would be a successful development from the lysosens project.

They will enable cells to break the junk down so that cells do not accumulate extra junk as a byproduct of normal function. This can be accomplished by equipping the lysosome with new enzymes that can degrade the relevant material. The natural place to seek such enzymes is in soil bacteria and fungi, as these aggregates, despite not being degraded in mammals, do not accumulate in soil in which animal carcasses are decaying, nor in graveyards where humans are decaying.

About 25% of all deaths in developed countries is causes by cardiovascular diseases. IF cardiovascular disease were removed as a healthrisk for everyone that would translate to about a 4 year increase in life expectancy.

This potential treatment will still be the need to go through the clinical trials and if it was successful would have to be adopted by health providers in the medical system. The actual effectiveness is also not known publicly at this time.

The SENS project is to repair the damage from aging.

There are different approaches to deal with – and destroy – the effects of aging on an individual and they are progressing slowly. They are continuing our experiments. If all goes as we hope, they expect significant gains in the rats of 8 to 10 years, then apply to humans in 20 or 40 years.

Previously the discussion was that if all seven major forms of damage were fixed then people might live 30 years longer than they do now. This would increase maximum lifespan to about 140 years. The plan would be to increase peoples lifespan while even better damage repair methods are developed.

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