Warning for a Scam targeting Science Fiction Authors and Futurist Speakers

A warning courtesy of John Scalzi. Nextbigfuture also received a copy of the scam email.

Short version: If you’re a science fiction/fantasy writer/futurist speaker who got an invitation to speak from Bexley College in the UK, someone’s trying to scam you.

The letter mentions my speaker listing at AboutSF suggests that whoever is doing it has copied out that site’s speaker list contact information and is probably contacting other folks listed there. So this is to raise a general alarm. Note that I suspect most science fiction/fantasy writers are smart enough to recognize a scam with they see one, but on the other hand better safe than sorry.

Bear in mind this particular letter uses Bexley College but it’s entirely possible the scammers will change it up and use other educational institutions. They’re crafty, these scammers.

So: Science fiction and fantasy writers: Beware.

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