Zycraft making sales of its carbon nanotube boat to Singapore

Zycraft is starting to make some successful sales of its carbon nanotube ship to countries like Singapore.

The ship has about 5 times the range of ships it is replacing, more fuel efficiency and the ability to operate in shallow (2 meter) waters. It can operate by itself for over 30 days while other ships can only operate for about 2 days.

The Vigilant IUSV is a state of the art multi-mission unmanned vessel. Built from advanced nanotechnology enhanced material, the IUSV achieves unparalleled range and payload. It is the only USV that features the Seakeeper™ system stabilization onboard resulting in exceptional seakeeping that optimizes system performances, especially at loiter speeds. These technologies enable the IUSV to remain effective at sea for long periods of time making it a real force multiplier.

The Vigilant IUSV is designed to operate independently of a mother craft. Its size and enhanced seakeeping qualities enable shore to shore operations. Even in rough seas, one can expect the IUSV to remain operational without worrying about launch and recovery issues that often plague operations involving a mother craft. Command and control is achieved via satellite communications systems, thus enabling the IUSV to operate anywhere in the world.

A Polish military site describes the sale to Singapore.

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